How does VM make money?

The content you will see on our site relates charities, the work they do, what impact that work has and philanthropy in general. In some cases, charities will pay us a fee to feature and advertise their petition/poll or content.

Is The Vocal Minority charity?

No. The Vocal Minority is a not a charitable organisation, we are a social enterprise with an aim of promoting philanthropy and increasing awareness of charitable causes.

Can I make a donation to The Vocal Minority?

No. If you would like to make a donation to any of the charities or causes that are on our site or that we promote please make donations directly to those organisations/causes.

Is The Vocal Minority linked to any political party?

No, we are a non-political organisation.

What is Vocal Minority Amplifier?

We will donate $500 to every featured charity. We’ll donate an additional $500 for every 2500 polls completed. The more polls completed, the more cash we will donate. More information can be found here https://www.thevocalminority.com.au/amplifier/